Darryl Starbird's

National Rod & Custom Car 
Hall of Fame Museum

Hi Friends. Welcome to the National Rod & Custom Car Hall of Fame Museum, (a 501 (c) (3) non profit corporation), and the only institution in the world dedicated to the preservation and display of classic Hot Rods and Custom Cars while honoring the vision, craftsmanship and tenacity of the men who built them.

The Hall of Fame Museum has been a lifetime dream of mine. When I purchased the lakefront property on Grand Lake northeast of Tulsa Oklahoma. I looked forward to the day when I could display my life's work with that of my contemporaries and those who followed us for the upcoming generations and posterity. I envisioned a permanent Hall of Fame to enshrine the names, pictures and accomplishments of the men who set the benchmark in Hot Rod & Custom Car design, styling and construction. My Friends, that day has come; that vision has been realized.

So come visit us at the National Rod & Custom Car Hall of Fame Museum and see a dream come true. Take a brief tour of the MUSEUM while you're on site and print a copy of the MAP located at the end of the MUSEUM section. Drop by the the Hall of Fame and learn a little bit about your favorite builder.

Be sure to check out the SHOWTIME section for information on our Rod & Custom Car Shows and feel free to print out and use the ENTRY FORM at the end of the SHOWTIME section. Don't leave without a quick stop by the GIFT SHOP. It has some of the nicest, high quality merchandise worthy of the men they represent.

Thanks for coming and sharing my dream. We look forward to seeing you real soon at the National Rod & Custom Car Hall of Fame Museum.

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