Darryl Starbird's

National Rod & Custom Car 
Hall of Fame Museum


Darryl Starbird’s National Rod & Custom Car Hall of Fame Museum

The Hall of Fame Museum a (501(c) 3 historical foundation) will open its doors for the 18th Season on March 15th. 

The feature car this year will be “Galaxy X2000” built by Darryl Starbird. It is a completely hand built all metal car with a bubble top. Darryl has built cars consecutively for the past 55 years but this is a new look for his signature bubble tops. Along with Darryl’s newest creation the museum will feature the “Go for the Gold” winner a 1949 Studebaker owned by John Saltsman of Rialto, Ca., and from Oregon the “Starbird” built by Chuck Mathis as a tribute to Darryl. 

This year for the first time in 17 years we have four cars featured and the fourth is from Albuquerque, NM a 1940 Mercury by world renowned pinstriping artist Brian Everett, here on display at the museum for a limited time.The Museum is located on the shores of Grand Lake O’ the Cherokee (55251 E Highway 85A 60 miles northeast of Tulsa) and holds over 50 cars all one of a kind, hand built by the icons in the custom world, such as Barris, Bailon, Winfield, Titus, Roth, Hines and includes 25 of Starbird’s own collection built over the past 55 years. 

The Museum is open 10am til 5pm every day but closed on Tuesday.

For more information call 918/257-4234 or check out our website www.darrylstarbird.com


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